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Tape free carton box


2023-08-04 11:41

What types of tape-free cartons are available? It has these functions in recycling!

   Tape free carton boxes are widely used in food, medicine, electronics and other fields as the main form of transportation packaging. In addition, with the changes in transportation and sales methods, the styles of boxes and cartons have become more diverse. So what kinds of tape free carton boxes are there? It has these functions in recycling! Take a look! After buying the leftover courier boxes you are throwing away? I tell you, courier tape free carton box carton is a treasure. With a simple transformation, there are a variety of powerful new features. Only you can not think, no tape free carton box carton can not do!


What types of tape free carton boxes are available?

    1.Half slotted carton box carton

    Semi-slotted cartons have only the bottom and no lid. Usually used to hold fruits, vegetables or machinery parts. The forming method is the same as ordinary slotted boxes. Because of its processing process is relatively simple, only three steps of drawing, slotting and gluing can be formed.

    2. Overlapping carton boxes

    Layer cover boxes are covered with two to three centimeters of overlapping parts, mainly to prevent dust from entering. It is commonly used for garments, small home appliances, plastic products and some paper products. The overlapping tape free carton box carton should be sealed with ordinary tape and the cardboard should be fixed with air nail nails. The advantage is that the tape free carton box will damage the lid when opened and play the role of anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft. 3.

    3. Completely overlapping carton boxes

    The entire tape free carton box is completely overlapped by the two top flaps. This is a top-down, unbreakable tape free carton box. It is often used for lighter or heavier products, such as bicycles, nails, mechanical products, bowling balls, etc.

    4. Zipper Carton

    This is a novel zipper carton. Now it is widely used in the field of e-commerce and microsoft express packaging, and belongs to the full stack box. But what is different is that this tape free carton carton has double-sided adhesive, which is convenient for packing and unpacking.

    5. Fully sealed overlapping carton box carton

    The inner lid of the box is sealed and the outer lid is overlapping. It is generally used for packing mechanical parts and sensitive items. This kind of box is asymmetrical, the two sides of the folded edge size is not the same, the general slotting machine can not do, need die-cutting. Tape free carton box recycling has the following functions.

    1、Manufacturing of recycled paper

    This method is commonly used for waste paper. It can be made into both recycled packaging paper and recycled newsprint. This new method includes deinking, purifying paper fibers, absorbing ink and impurities, and then making paper.

    2. Home Appliance Manufacturing

    People roll old newspapers, old books and magazines and other waste paper into round strips and use plastic paper, hand-woven carpets, cloth bags, cloth bags, cat nests, curtains and even coffee tables to wrap up, beds and other household appliances. What are the types of tape-free carton boxes mentioned above? It recycles the content with these functions. You can consult us if you don't understand anything.