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Here to tell you what causes the collapse of packaging cartons?


2023-08-04 11:41

   Here to tell you what causes the collapse of packaging cartons?

  Many domestic industries often see a variety of packaging cartons, compared with the traditional plastic packaging products, packaging cartons have good environmental characteristics and a variety of types, and therefore warmly welcomed by the sales market, with the increase in demand, the scale of operation of the carton factory is also developing rapidly, although the current packaging cartons are becoming more and more popular, but still often encounter a variety of problems.


  Today, the key to the carton manufacturer is to tell you the reasons for the collapse of the packaging carton.

  1. If the original paper surface of the carton is poorly glued, the water absorption capacity will be higher, so that if the carton is exposed to ultra-low temperature, wet, cold natural environment for a long time, the carton will become wet and loose, resulting in a lower compressive capacity of the product, so if the external impact or load is too large, it will collapse.

  2. Secondly, if the bonding compressive strength of the carton is too low, it will collapse. If the bonding strength of the carton is not strong, if there is false bonding, when the carton is stressed, the tissue paper or inner paper will separate from the corrugated cardboard, and then the tensile strength of the carton will reduce the parallel line, thus collapsing.

  In order to better ensure the quality of packaging cartons, you should also pay attention when choosing a manufacturer, because the total number of carton factories is increasing over the years, the quality of products varies, so buy can go shopping and see how the quality of goods later decided.

  What is the cause of the deviation of the color of the packaging carton?

  A variety of packaging cartons play a key role in many industries, due to the prevalence of the main use, the demand for a variety of packaging carton products gradually increased, in the danger of this development trend, the current stage of the packaging carton production enterprises operating scale is also growing rapidly, the current market common packaging carton products, color cartons are very popular, but if the production process is not only errors, omissions, but also lead to color deviation.

  The following packaging carton manufacturer to tell you the reasons for the deviation of the color of packaging cartons.

  1. Stable ink quality is the key factor to destroy the color deviation of cartons, once the printing ink has changed slightly, the actual effect of packaging printing will be very different.

  2. There are many kinds of printing paper used for carton packaging, and the myocardial infarction caused by inking varies greatly. Generally speaking, the better the quality of the printing paper, the higher the ink performance.

  3. In addition, the printing speed of packaging cartons will also cause some harm to the chromatic aberration, packaging printing speed, the amount of ink quickly increased, the ink layer thickened, the hue intensified; conversely, the ink layer becomes softer, the trace becomes lighter, the ink is difficult to reach saturation, resulting in chromatic aberration.

  The above is a small explanation of the causes of the collapse of the packaging carton, we all understand it? If you want to know more related knowledge, welcome to contact our manufacturers, I hope the above explained the content to help you, thank you for watching, we will see you next time.