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The benefits of packaging cartons to people's daily life


2023-08-04 09:09

Packaging cartons are very common in life, usually used as packaging widely used in the sale of goods packaging and transport packaging, then, together with the following to understand the benefits of packaging cartons to people's daily lives!


1、Convenient storage.

Light weight, flexible folding, simple loading and bundling, easy to carry and store.

2、Easy to shape and decorate.

Packaging carton can be designed according to the goods of various box types, carton ink absorption performance, good printing performance, clear printing handwriting, sharp patterns, firm, beautiful, can well play the promotional function of packaging.

3、Environmental protection.

Packaging carton has the advantages of hygiene, tasteless, etc. Carton can be completely airtight, will not pollute the contents, the carton also meets the storage conditions of goods with respiratory effect.

4, energy saving and environmental protection, recyclable.

Packaging cartons can be directly recycled, will not cause pollution to the environment. Carton is the world's recognized environmental protection packaging products.

5, cheap, economic savings.

Packaging carton manufacturing raw materials are abundant, widely available, easy to mass production, low production costs. Even the same packaging box, made directly from wood and wood paper cartons compared to the carton, the carton of wood is only about 1/3 of the wooden box, you can save energy and costs, carton quality is lighter, about 15% of the wooden box, can reduce packaging costs and transportation costs

6, good protection performance.

Packaging carton compared with other materials packaging containers buffering vibration reduction performance is relatively strong, corrugated carton tight seamless, shading and dustproof, the use of a variety of new technologies, the development of new varieties, corrugated carton in strength, flexibility, moisture-proof ability and other aspects comparable to wooden boxes.

7. Flexible production.

Packaging cartons can be cut, folded, and easy to stick, easy to nail, suitable for mechanized processing and automated production, but also small-scale non-mechanized production, or even manual production.

The great advantage of packaging cartons is simple processing and low cost. The overall processing of packaging cartons is very simple, and both traditional and modern technology can process this product more easily. The convenience of processing plays a good role in our overall processing. This aspect of the role is also very important for our future use.

Not only that, but we also find that the packaging carton is actually beneficial for printing as well. The packaging carton needs to be printed with a few words in order to easily illustrate the product, but using other materials is difficult in terms of printing, and even if it could be printed, the cost would be very cheap. Cost has a big impact in this regard, and the cost is only very cheap if this material is used.

The advantages of paper on packaging cartons are very obvious, and only by recognizing its advantages can you make the appropriate choice. Cost and appearance are areas that are very important to many people, and packaging cartons help to achieve such advantages completely, and only by understanding this aspect can you ensure better use.

The above pick up is the benefits that packaging cartons bring to people in their daily lives, for more information, feel free to contact us!