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Advantages of packaging cartons


2023-08-04 09:09

Packaging carton as an indispensable part of modern logistics, it assumes an important role in the accommodation, maintenance and beauty of the product, the physical performance indicators of the packaging carton is the basis for its quality evaluation, stable working environment conditions to ensure the correctness and reliability of the test data, then, together with the following to understand the advantages of the packaging carton!


1 . Packaging carton is convenient for mechanized production and packing and sealing flowing operation, high production efficiency, convenient for packaging standardization;

2 . Packing carton is light in weight, easy to load and unload, can avoid or reduce the loading and unloading transfer process is thrown down, reduce the rate of breakage;

3 . Packaging carton use and circulation costs are low, the same inner diameter of three corrugated carton price for the board box 1/3, can save about 20% of the freight; will be a wooden box products into two cartons, can also save more than 10% of the freight;

4 . The carton is clean and sturdy, can be tightly closed, and the plastic lining inside the box has good dustproof and moisture-proof performance, which can maintain product safety;

5 . Corrugated packing carton is easy to fold and place flat, save warehouse capacity when stacking, easy to transfer, and easier to handle and recycle than wooden boxes after use;

6 . 6. Corrugated cartons are easy to leave traces of theft of products inside the boxes, which can avoid theft of products. The insurance company will accept the insurance of water damage, theft and failure to carry the goods during the sea transportation.

Just one of the advantages of packaging cartons is light weight, easy to carry, packaging large goods carton is only a simple external packaging treatment, play a protective role is the carton can not be solved. In addition to the problem of hardness, with the emergence of a variety of high-strength corrugated boxes, corrugated boxes are increasingly not afraid of stamping, including the transport of glass products, many businesses also choose corrugated packaging.

The use of other packaging will greatly increase the weight of the package plus the goods, seriously affecting the cost of express transportation. In fact, as long as the choice of carton packaging is very cost-effective, is the problem of reuse, the reusability of the carton is really bad, but the price of the carton itself is very low, due to the characteristics of the material, recycling becomes very simple. Therefore, the solution to this problem mainly requires rapid recycling to make up for the weakness of the carton can not be reused many times.

All these issues above mention the problem of packaging cost, whether it is a simple waterproof treatment or multiple use, can directly or indirectly reduce the cost of packaging, put the problem down to the cost. The choice of which packaging method, or depends on the characteristics of the product, packaging cartons can be said to be the cheapest thing in packaging. Products with relatively low requirements for packaging can choose carton packaging, thus reducing costs.

Packaging carton can be recycled, saving the principal, carton can do a variety of needs design, regardless of size, there are large fresh fruit boxes, but also small and delicate jewelry boxes, you can see the shadow of the carton, and now many shopping malls, including clothing stores are using packaging cartons, very environmentally friendly.

The above is the advantages of packaging cartons, for more information, feel free to contact us!