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What are the factors of packaging carton loosening?


2023-08-04 09:10

What are the factors of loose packaging cartons?

What are the factors that cause the packaging carton loose?

At present, many industries in China often use a variety of packaging carton products, in the application of demand for harm, carton factory business scale is also slowly growing, as we all know, packaging carton product quality is good again, the key raw materials are cardboard, but whenever the cardboard raw materials encounter loose, moisture, chipped edge and other problems, it is necessary to clarify the reasons.


So, today the carton manufacturer will give you a detailed introduction to the many key factors that cause packaging cartons to loosen.


For all products, the quality of raw materials largely determines the quality of the packaging carton, and the quality of the packaging carton is usually the key factor leading to the loosening of the carton, if the cardboard absorption capacity is too strong, it is easy to loosen throughout the process of packaging carton application.

2. Processing technology

The production process of the carton usually endangers whether the carton will loosen afterwards, generally speaking, in storage to pay special attention to the production of cartons commonly used cardboard, they can not be stored for a long time, but also can not be exposed to wet environmental factors for a long time, because the cardboard will digest the absorption of moisture in the air, so in the production of the time, will not add a waterproof coating, the environmental humidity of the carton will expand, resulting in the loosening of the carton.

3. Natural environment

Carton use of the natural environment is also important, if the natural environment is too wet and cold, the carton will digest and absorb the moisture in the air will become loose.

Here to tell you how to put the packaging carton design program?

Carton box design to grasp what points?

At present, the application of cartons in many fields and industries in China is becoming more and more common, with the continuous development of this development trend, the scale of operation of the carton factory is also slowly growing, the current market has more and more kinds of cartons, everyone's choice is also increasing, now the carton packaging gradually focus on the sense of design, but the sense of design belongs to the sense of design, some key issues to be noted.

The following carton manufacturer will introduce in detail the key points to master in the packaging carton design scheme.

1. As we all know, the basic element of packaging carton is to maintain the product will not be destroyed, so its internal specifications, external specifications and manufacturing specifications of the design scheme becomes more and more important, design carton, according to the product specifications should be selected according to the appropriate carton shape, size and material.

2. Although the basic element of carton packaging is mainly the maintenance of the product, in addition to the maintenance function, the beauty and elegance of the product should be fully considered.

3. The process performance of carton packaging, the process performance of the packaging carton is also a key issue to be fully considered, technical points include: pressure resistance, impact resistance, waterproof.

4. In addition, as a packaging product, the product cost of the carton is also to be considered.

The above is a small explanation of the factors of packaging carton loosening, we all understand? I hope that the content of the small explanation can help you, thank you for watching, we will see you next time.