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Tell you how to select high quality corrugated boxes


2023-08-04 09:10

How to choose a high quality corrugated box

The quality of a corrugated box depends on three indicators: first, the breakage resistance of the box, which is the uniform pressure value that the cardboard can withstand per unit area; second, the crimp strength of the box is the ability of the corrugated box to withstand pressure parallel to the corrugated direction; after that, the compressive strength of the corrugated box. These three points are the criteria for determining the quality of a corrugated box. Here's how to choose a high-quality corrugated box.


1. Selection of corrugated carton materials

AB corrugated thickness is 7mm, CB corrugated thickness is 6mm, BE corrugated thickness is 4.5 ~ 5mm! Each corrugated carton has different uses, AB cold CB cold is suitable for making large cartons and heavy cartons for packaging large items such as air conditioners and TVs, BE flute is used for small cartons, such as our cell phones, department stores, express parcels, etc.

2. Choice of corrugated carton layers

Corrugated cartons are mainly divided into three-layer, five-layer and seven-layer cartons. Of these three types of cartons, three-layer corrugated cartons are relatively weak in hardness, so they are usually used for packing smaller items; five-layer cartons are stronger than three-layer cartons and are often used for packing fragile items, and seven-layer three-layer corrugated cartons are very hard, so they are used for packing machinery and other products.

When choosing a corrugated carton, we must first consider the nature of the product, its weight, storage and transportation conditions and circulation environment. Secondly, we must follow the design principles of shockproof packaging and corrugated cartons, and in addition, we must follow relevant standards, such as packaging for export goods to meet international standards or the requirements of foreign investors, and to pass relevant tests.

What are the inspection items for corrugated boxes?

In order to avoid quality problems with corrugated boxes and to produce qualified carton products, it is necessary to inspect corrugated boxes in order to effectively control the production process of corrugated boxes.

1. Overview of appearance quality

Qualified corrugated cartons require clear printing patterns, clear handwriting, no broken lines or missing lines, consistent color, bright and vivid, and small printing position errors.

2. Moisture content

Moisture content refers to the moisture content of corrugated base paper or cardboard, expressed as a percentage, and has a great impact on the strength of the carton.

If the moisture content is too high, the paper will appear soft, poor stiffness, poor indentation and poor bonding quality. If the moisture content is too low, the paper will be too brittle, easy to crack when pressed, and poor folding resistance.

3. Cardboard thickness

The thickness of corrugated cardboard is the vertical distance between the bottom surface and the bottom surface of corrugated cardboard when it is pressed.

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