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Let's talk about the key points of corrugated box design


2023-08-04 09:10


Here are some key points of corrugated carton design for you

Teach you how to judge the goodness of a cardboard box

The quality of the carton not only affects the safety of the transportation process, but also protects the product. A good carton can also enhance the image of the product, which is a complementary role. Here is how to judge the goodness of the carton.




First of all, when we judge the quality of packaging cartons, we should clarify the carton material, such as corrugated cartons, and then we should look at the number of corrugated layers. Of course, the more corrugated layers, the better the quality of the carton is guaranteed. Generally, the number of corrugated layers of paper strips with guaranteed quality and suitable for long-distance transportation should not be less than five.

Secondly, to judge the quality of a packaging carton, you can also judge it by the carton seams. A good quality carton has only one seam, including the bottom and side of the carton, but of course, the seam still needs to be fixed with steel nails. A better quality carton will have a steel nail every five centimeters on average, and a poorer quality carton may be separated by a greater distance.

In addition, to judge the quality of the carton, do not ignore the appearance of the carton, such as the thickness of the kraft paper, it is certain that the greater the thickness of the kraft paper, the more the quality of the carton is guaranteed, there is also to see whether the kraft paper cover is flat, the surface has no blistering.

How do corrugated carton manufacturers generally print?

Corrugated box manufacturers generally use the method of pre-printing the face paper first, and then pasting the corrugated board. Paper printing methods include flexographic printing, offset printing and gravure printing.

Among them, offset paper has rich layers and strong gloss. Flexographic printing uses water-based environmentally friendly ink, which is good for environmental protection, non-toxic and pollution-free, and can produce large-format multi-color corrugated boxes. Gravure printing has high production efficiency and rich colors, with the number of colors up to 4 ~ 10. It can also be used to print special inks, such as gold and silver ink, which is ideal for the production of large-volume long-form corrugated boxes.

The printing ink for corrugated paper should be selected with good friction resistance and high heat resistance, otherwise it will affect the printing paper, for example, the pattern will drop ink and scratch when pressed dry, and even affect the quality of the packaging carton.

Corrugated carton design points

1. Novel shape

Corrugated cartons can only attract consumers' attention if they are peculiar and novel in shape. For example, the shape of wine bottles is usually mainly cylindrical, and some bottles are designed into complex anchor shapes or human body shapes by imitation, which will be very prominent and beautiful in a batch of cylindrical and rectangular-shaped bottles.

2. Eye-catching pattern

Corrugated carton pattern, mainly set off the brand trademark, fully display the brand trademark characteristics of the box, will enable consumers to immediately identify the product from the packaging, packaging conspicuous trademark can immediately attract consumers, fine crafts packaging carton than ordinary carton packaging more artistic.

3. Color

The color of corrugated carton is easy to make people feel, so its color is one of the factors to determine sales, some colors as a product packaging, will affect the sales of the product, gray is one of them, because gray is difficult to make people feel excited, it is also very difficult to have the impulse to buy, but red is different, it has a large number of imagery, and is the sun, fire, blood and so on with a strong relationship with the imagery of life, therefore Therefore, the color of the carton is particularly important in the design.

Well, I will explain here, let us see you next time.