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Here's how to choose the material for corrugated boxes


2023-08-04 09:10

Here's how to choose corrugated carton materials

How to Choose Corrugated Carton Materials

The strength design of corrugated boxes is an important part of material design, which not only affects the printing effect, but also the physical properties of corrugated boxes after molding. Here is how to choose corrugated box materials.



The moisture content of paper is closely related to the strength of corrugated boxes. When dispensing paper for corrugated boxes, it is important to take into account the weather conditions in each country to ensure that the physical properties of corrugated boxes are not affected by changes in air humidity. We can choose the use of paper according to the three different deterioration factors in the SN/T0262-93 standard. Generally, corrugated boxes with a short storage period can use a lower quantitative and performance paper, and vice versa. As a manufacturer, you can improvise and produce products that fit the market.

The selection and use of inks, adhesives and varnishes (coatings) should take into account the laws and regulations of the destination country. In this regard, environmental requirements should be considered. For example, printing inks can be internationally popular vegetable oil inks, which cause little harm to humans. A large part of packaging printing in many European and American countries currently uses flexographic printing as the main printing method. greatly reduce the harm and will not cause environmental pollution, in short, try to choose materials without pollution, to avoid returns due to packaging problems, especially the packaging of products exported to the EU.

What points should the factory do when designing cartons?

When packaging carton customization, the first thing to do is to decide the design plan of the carton, because the design of an item directly affects the sales of the product, the design of the packaging is one of the forms of product display, the design of the packaging shows the product from the side, so the design of the packaging is very important, so how to package it? Carton factory in the design of cartons should do what work? I'll tell you below.

1. The design of the carton can protect the goods, but also to meet the performance indicators required by the customer.

2. Party B should meet the requirements of Party A and Party A's workshop production standards.

3. Achieve high quality, easy to handle, not easy to damage, and easy to pattern.

4. Do the comprehensive identification of each index.

5. Try to save raw materials to control the cost.

6. cartons produced by the carton factory should be easy to pack and mechanized, and if the product is exported to foreign countries, it should meet the foreign standards.

Well, today I will not do more explanation, I hope the above introduction to help you, if you need carton design and production, you can contact our company, well, wish you a happy life, let us see you next time.