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Do you know how to tell the difference between a good and a bad five-layer corrugated box?


2023-08-04 09:10

Do you know how to tell the difference between good and bad five-layer corrugated cartons?

How can you tell the good from the bad of a five-layer corrugated carton?

The cardboard structure of five-layer corrugated carton consists of face paper, liner paper, core paper and two sheets of corrugated core paper, generally divided into AB tile, BE tile and AE tile, with material thicknesses of 7mm, 6mm and 5mm respectively. Five-layer corrugated cartons have excellent buffering, high strength and hardness, and can play a good protective role, and are used for LCD air conditioners, refrigerators, TVs, computers and other large objects that require high pressure resistance.


Weighing method: weighing method is that you buy the carton on the electronic scale, see how heavy the carton, generally you weigh 10 boxes, take the average.

The second pressure method: The so-called pressure method is to pinch the carton with two fingers to see which one is more resistant to pressure. This method is simple but inaccurate and does not really distinguish between good and bad cartons because cartons are susceptible to moisture, and the original good quality cartons are also very soft when they are damp.

What should I pay attention to when choosing a five-layer corrugated carton?

First of all, it should be clear what products are used in the five-layer corrugated carton to be purchased, and then determine the specific size. Generally, the five-layer corrugated carton is around 7mm, and according to this figure, the carton factory should say clearly what the internal size of the box is.

Second, to choose the material of the carton, you can choose according to the actual loaded products. If the weight of the product is larger, we can choose a slightly better material carton, of course, the price will certainly be on the high side, if the weight of the product is relatively light, we can choose a lighter material, the price is cheaper. Similarly, the thickness of the carton depends on the product, the thicker the carton, the higher the price.

Look at the printing of the secondary carton. Generally, companies buy these cartons because they want to be able to print on the carton and promote their brand through printing. If you choose a larger printing area, the price will naturally be higher, and this printing cannot be changed later, so it is still necessary to confirm it on the sample before printing.

Then finalize all the requirements of the five-layer corrugated carton and let the carton factory come up with a sample to see the overall effect, and if there are no problems, mass production is possible.

The main factors affecting the compressive strength of a carton are as follows.

Cartons are composed of paper at all levels. A reasonable mix of paper is the basic condition to ensure the compressive strength of cartons. By testing the physical properties of the paper at all levels, the compressive strength of the carton can be initially calculated, and then the calculated compressive strength is used to control the compressive strength of the carton in each process during production.

Carton production process will also affect the compressive strength, through the test, it is concluded that under the same conditions, the carton horizontal line widening 1mm, the carton compressive strength drop 90n ~ 130n, deformation increased by 2mm, if the line is too wide, the carton force value increases slowly, the effective value is small, compression test deformation, to ensure the compressive strength, we should try to improve the production process to reduce the impact of each process on the compressive strength of the carton. The impact of moisture on the compressive strength of the carton should not be ignored, the production environment of the carton, storage environment, use of the environment, weather, climate and other factors will affect the water content of the carton, in order to ensure the compressive strength of the carton, to try to avoid the impact of the external environment on the water content of the carton.

Well, today will not do more than the introduction, thank you for watching, let us see you next time.