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Hook bottom paper box manufacturers share the box design requirements and production design requirements of common folding paper boxes


2023-08-04 09:10

Hook bottom paper box manufacturers share the packaging box design requirements for common folding cartons

Overall carton design

Cosmetic bottle carton design requirements: Cosmetic bottles are fragile, the design should be designed to cushion the fixed structure, and the cosmetic bottle can be placed in the center of the box. To clear the floor, the bottle and the side of the carton also need a certain distance.


Linear carton design

To ensure the proper operation of the automatic packaging machine, the linear carton design generally increases the size of the lock gap. Because if the size becomes larger, the lid and the bottom window of the box are easier to insert into the automatic packaging machine.

For manual packaging, the lock position is generally smaller and the appearance will be exquisite.

Strengthen the design of self-locking bottom carton

There are ordinary cardboard carton packaging structure does not need to support heavy objects, so the lower part of the carton can be made into a reinforced self-locking floor structure. The hook bottom carton manufacturer believes that the advantage of this design is that it can well prevent the heavy objects in the box from falling and the beauty of printing is improved.

The hook bottom carton manufacturers talk about the typical folding carton production design requirements

Paper boxes generally use paper boxes to paste paper boxes, design the paper box structure should be designed with a reasonable glue size.

The width of the top plate of the gluing method on the roller is 5 mm, and the width of the paste is about 15 mm.

Assuming that the width of the gluing is reduced, then the top with a width of 3 mm is chosen when pasting the box.

It should be noted that the width of the gluing can be planned around 20 mm, not less than the width of at least 15 mm.

Folding line of reasonable design

In order to avoid paper cards, these cartons can be made as curved as possible and can be designed not round. The window part can be attached to the carton according to the curve and nodes to form the paste box and open the window part when assembling the carton.

It is important to avoid identification errors when designing cartons. In this case, the line to be folded is designed as a "line knife line", so the hook bottom carton manufacturer believes that the curve is partially divided, generating much less repulsive force than other curves, and can be properly folded when pasting small boxes.

If the folding line of carton uses serrated knife line, the correct line can be confirmed by adding a press strip under the serrated knife line that should be folded when the mold is cut to reduce the rebound force of the serrated knife line.

The basic shape of carton packaging is folded, shaped, joined or glued on a single sheet of paper to give it a variety of forms. From the point of view of the shape structure and manufacturing process of cartons, hook bottom carton manufacturers believe that cartons can be divided into the following main categories.

Straight carton is the most common form of carton, which is now widely used for pharmaceutical packaging. This carton is made of wrinkled pressed paper, with unnecessary parts removed, and then glued by machine or hand folding. The advantages of this carton are simple structure, low cost, and the ability to fold and stack before use, thus saving space for stacking and transportation costs. This form of carton is suitable for thinner structures.

The structure of the barrel-shaped carton is simple. There is no lid or bottom of the box, and it folds in one direction into a barrel shape, which is often used for making sets of chocolates, candies, cookies, etc. Inserted carton is the most common expression of linear carton, which can be divided into serial and reverse insertion due to the different insertion directions of the two ends. Adhesive cartons do not have the insertion structure of inserted cartons. Hook bottom carton manufacturers consider adhesive top and bottom sturdy cartons suitable for containing powder or granular goods. The lock bottom carton can change the insert bottom cover to lock bottom structure to save the bonding process, and can contain heavy goods such as cosmetics, wine and medicine. The same size carton saves material by reducing the insert structure of the bottom lid compared to a fitted carton.