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Hook bottom paper box manufacturers share the detailed process of packaging paper box customization


2023-08-04 09:10

A, hook bottom paper box manufacturers share the detailed process of packaging paper box customization


What kind of boxes are needed? What kind of box type for cosmetics, medicine, health products, gifts? What kind of material do you use? What effect do you need?

What is the print quantity from the hook bottom paper box manufacturer? How long is the delivery time? What is the price?

Information and communication programs for both sides.

To meet the selected few requirements of the company, through the website, telephone, WeChat, relevant information to understand the strength of the company, whether it has the appropriate quality and stable production capacity, and finally screened to meet the requirements of the factory.

Second, sign the contract

Confirm the style, material, size, design and production cycle of the product, and sign the cooperation agreement.

Confirm the products


Commonly used materials for packaging boxes include white cardboard, silver cardboard, gray board, coated paper, corrugated board, etc.

Packaging box printing chamber will tell you the most perfect printing paper classification.

2、Box type.

Positive and negative buckle (trend buckle), self-locking floor, plug floor stick side, heaven and earth cover box, shaped box, etc.

Understand the common paper box packaging style.

3、Printing process

Backlit surface, convex surface, hot head, hot head, silver film, etc. Specific process companies can provide advice and guidance!

Printing, design price, process requirements

Determine the final price according to the material, quantity, printing, design and other requirements.

Production cycle

Confirm the design cycle (usually 1-3 days), delivery cycle (usually 7-15 days).

Box design

The hook bottom paper box manufacturer suggests to provide the manufacturer with reference sample boxes, graphic materials, process requirements, etc., to produce documents and communicate relevant details.

Calibration of the box

After the samples are made, the manufacturer confirms that the samples meet their requirements, if not, please propose appropriate modifications to determine the final solution.

Third, confirm the order.

Order after confirming the sample (box) is correct, and start the custom production of packaging box.

The shape of gift box packaging printing mainly refers to the container designed with glass, ceramic, plastic, metal and other materials, due to the different methods of materials and processing processes, the way of modeling is also different. The hook bottom paper box manufacturers believe that the modeling principle of rigid packaging materials has a lot in common with paper box packaging, which mainly uses lines and surfaces to form the form of the container. The modeling design of the container is mainly carried out through the changes of lines and surfaces. Through the addition of lines and surfaces, the changes of length, size, direction and angle, and the comparison of lines and curves, planes and surfaces, a proper sense of texture and beauty of form is produced.

Decorative line in the shape of the container is the size boundary, but plays a big role in the shape of the packaging. Usually carton packaging shape using less decorative lines, commonly used in rigid packaging shape.

In the design of pavement modeling, the line and surface cannot be separated, the line must have a surface, the surface must have a line, hook bottom paper box manufacturers believe that the design must simultaneously consider the combination of line and surface. The shape of rigid packaging containers is mainly based on bottle shape, the bottle modeling process is complex and variable, is the largest change in the shape of the container. To design a new bottle shape, the first step is to understand several major parts that affect the container modeling and their roles.