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The main ways of designing carton box packaging without tape

The main ways of packaging design for tape free carton boxes Packaging tape free carton boxes and tape free carton boxes are now very popular in the market and people are demanding for various tape free carton box packaging designs. Therefore, there are several different ways to design the production of packaging cartons or cartons in the market as follows

How to increase the hardness of tape free carton box packaging

How to increase the hardness of the carton box packaging without tape The manufacturing size of carton packaging is the size of the undercut at the time of box making. The manufacturing dimension is based on the indentation line on the unfolded box blank. The creasing roller on the slitting machine makes a groove at the crease, and the crease line is the center line of the groove.

Tape free carton box

What types of tape-free cartons are available? It has these functions in recycling! Tape free carton boxes are widely used in food, medicine, electronics and other fields as the main form of transportation packaging. In addition, with the changes in transportation and sales methods, the styles of boxes and cartons have become more diverse. So what kinds of tape free carton boxes are there?

What is the role of the packaging carton in the product?

Packaging cartons can be seen everywhere in our life, it involves all industries in our life, then the purpose of carton packaging is to protect the goods? In fact, the main role of packaging carton packaging for products are the following.

Here to tell you what causes the collapse of packaging cartons?

Many domestic industries often see a variety of packaging cartons, compared with the traditional plastic packaging products, packaging cartons have good environmental characteristics and a variety of types, and therefore warmly welcomed by the sales market, with the increase in demand, the scale of operation of the carton factory is also developing rapidly, although the current packaging cartons are becoming more and more popular, but still often encounter a variety of problems.

What are the advantages of packing cartons?

With the continuous development of society, people's consumption habits in all aspects are also changing, the increase in goods will also develop the packaging industry accordingly, packaging cartons is a widely used packaging products, depending on the material, there are corrugated boxes, single-layer cartons, etc., but many people do not quite understand the benefits of packaging cartons, now let's look at the advantages of using packaging cartons.
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